Tips for using The Vault

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Tips for using The Vault

The Vault uses to allow you to search, read and download PDFs of all our documents.

While issuu works with almost every browser type it does have some small glitches if you're using Firefox.

You can still download (click the downward arrow button in top righthand corner) and flip through the document (click on the far left or right of the document screen) but it doesn't provide in-document searching. issuu is working on this compatibility and we are trying to be patient while they do.

If you run into problems and need some help, please email TasCOSS.or call 03/6231 0755.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign in or create an account with to read the documents?

No. You do not need to sign in to to view, download and search the documents. The service is free and accessible to reader without an account.

How can I download and/or print a publication?

Simply click Share and then the Download button to save the original document file to your computer. Some publishers might require you to be logged in before you can access the download feature on their publications.

What browsers does issuu support?

issuu supports most browsers that are running on one of the two latest versions and have Flash enabled.

Unfortunately, it does not support older browser versions (i.e. Internet Explorer 9, or older) as these versions cannot provide the excellent issuu experience we aim for.